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Products & Services

Hog Slats 

Our 4'x10' hog slats are built for quality and performance. We have set buildings from 30' wide to 120' wide and almost every length in between.

Cattle Slats

Our 4'x12' cattle slats are also built to last. We have many options available for cattle confinement barns.

Walls and Decks

We have many different wall panel designs to choose from. We have insulated panels for farm shops and comercial buildings. We also offer non-insulated panels for cold storage. Our precast deck panels are very popular for their extreme low maintenance and long life.

Feed Bunks

We offer two kinds of fence line feed bunks. We have a straight back super high capacity bunk and a slope back super high capacity bunk. Both are very durable made with fibermesh and a full  rebar cage.

Tile Risers

We have 24" and 36" tile.

Steps and Sidewalk Pads

If you need a new step by your house or patio and don't want any maintenance look at our precast steps. Call for the various sizes we offer with or without railings. Our sidewalk pads are popular for landscaping. We have several different sizes available.

Concrete Pumps

With three pumps, we can keep you on time and budget moving your concrete. Two 36 meter Z boom pumps and the big boy, the 52 meter. We can reach 150' with the 52 meter.

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